Meet the team & safe pass !!!

Week 9:


I met with Alan the web designer of the new I-LOFAR website and discussed a different format for the gallery layout. We then had a 4pm meeting with Joe Mc Cauley and Prof. Peter Gallagher, and the rest of the I-LOFAR construction team; in the meeting it was explained what our task is for the summer. We also got a team photo!!!!

C9tw45IXcAIiZB3.jpg large


Modifications were made to the gallery on the I-LOFAR site. Also spent the day looking for a private bus hire for during the summer.


Did some more modifications to the I-LOFAR gallery. I also looking out for factor 50+ sunscreen as we need it for the construction site. I then added my latest blog to the I-LOFAR website.


I  also attended the  safe-pass course at Trinity College Dublin. This course needed to be covered as we would not be allowed to enter the I-LOFAR building site. We covered Introduction to Site Safety Legislation and Site Safety, Site Accident Reporting, Introduction to Risk Assessment, Risk Assessment for Heights, Risk Assessment for Excavations, Risk Assessment for Electricity, Site Safety and Construction Equipment, Site Safety and Construction Vehicles, Personal Protective Equipment, Noise and vibration, Manual Handling Personal Health, and Welfare.


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