I-LOFAR Delivery!!!!

Week 10:


This is the start of a very exciting week for the I-LOFAR team, as the delivery from the Netherlands with the I-LOFAR equipment is coming on Friday!!!! We have been busy with organizing rooms and planning out our intentions for the 3 days we are down in the beautiful grounds of Birr Castle.

Off point of what I  was just discussing I have started creating a facts page for the new I-LOFAR website, and I also studied radio window, and also covered the net polarization, and the orthogonal polarization, in radio astronomy.


Started the day with writing an article for the I-LOFAR website, covering the transport of the I-LOFAR equipment. Dr Ryan Milligan has collected the I-LOFAR equipment and is ready to head to Ireland.

here comes I-LOFAR

Dr. Ryan Milligan our amazing I-LOFAR truck driver.

I also did some studying of the Hertzian Dipole, near field/induction field, radiation field/far field, and also the equation for the two fields components, it was extremely interesting as I have never covered the Hertzian Dipole before.


I-LOFAR equipment has passed the white cliffs of Dover this morning, I am so excited it is nearly home. I spent the day working on some POLOFAR data, as I want to combine the two graphs into one, so it is easier to analysis.

I also covered the production of a map, such as clean and hybrid mapping. We also covered the frequency diversity.


We arrived in Birr Co.Offaly, around 11am, where we first went for coffee and a snack. We then headed down to the I-LOFAR site were we secured the site, and also went to see where the deliveries will be entering site the next day.

We had a great evening of fun and laughter, as we were getting excited for the next day of I-LOFAR madness.


Today is the day, I-LOFAR is HERE!!!! Well we still have to put together the Low Band Antenna and the High Band Antenna. But it was such an amazing and emotional day, we are so happy to have the brains of I-LOFAR here at home. I really have no words to describe the day, it was just spectacular!!!

Images of the amazing day of I-LOFAR arrival on the beautiful Birr Castle Grounds in County Offaly.

It was such a beautiful day! For myself to be part of such an amazing project at such an early stage of my career, it is just mind blowing. I really hope that is just the beginning of my journey into the world of radio astronomy, and I hope one day to visit ASTRON in the Netherlands.


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