Visitors & talks!!!

Week 11:

I started my week with attending a presentation on LOFAR by my supervisor Prof. Peter Gallagher. I also met with Michael Kirk, who is a Research Associate at The Catholic University of America, and also for NASA Goddard space flight center, where he gave a talk at Trinity College Dublin titled Tracing Coronal Holes Through Time and Across Missions’.

I also spent most of the week working on POLOFAR data. I also started a google sheet, for who will be using the bus to Birr during the summer.

We had our solar group meeting, were we discussed a paper on coronal loop systems, and the solar orbiter mission, as a Dr.Shane Moloney has an experiment on the ESA solar orbiter satellite.

We also covered CMEs, and FLARECAST, and the active regions shear flows and flare occurrence. We also discussed conferences such as “Space Weather Conference”, and “Solar Schools”. I also downloaded “sunpy”, a data base of solar data, so more data to analysis!!! I also joined the “codess”, which is a community for female coder.



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