Week 12:

This was an amazing week down in the beautiful grounds of Birr Castle. It started with us being on site at 11 am on Monday morning, where Joe McCauley spoke to builders and the surveyor for the I-LOFAR site.


Image of the I-LOFAR site on the 8th of May 2017, looking over where the LBA will be placed.

On Tuesday we received the map of where we are to locate our HBA and LBA stakes into the ground. The Red stakes– LBA cable exit, the Green stakes (on the LBA field) North & South grid markers, the Green stakes (on HBA field) Tile corner guides, Blue stakes HBA cable exits, Yellow stakes – trench markers

We started earlier on Wednesday and finished at 7 pm, but we got the HBA field complete and started on the LBA field.

On Thursday we also had a long day, we finished off the LBA field and only needed to finish a few more stakes to mark out where the cables trenches will be.


Myself and Joe McCauley preparing a hole for a stake in the HBA field.

On Friday we finished the last 10 stakes for the LBA cable trenches, and the builders began digging the trenches for the cabling on the HBA.


Here is an image of the first two trenches in the HBA dug out (12th of May 2017).

Overall it was such an amazing week at Birr Castle. Really looking forward to an amazing summer!!!!


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