Week 14

The week started with the team assembling to build Irelands LOFAR station.

Myself, Aoife, Yanina,  Joe, and Peter, starting with the I-LOFAR HBA (high Band Antenna) cable laying. IMG_3596Joe McCauley (left) and Prof.Peter Gallagher (right) laying out the first HBA (High Band Antenna) cable.

While the cabling began, the rest of the team had their safe pass training and manual handling course.

Team attending their manual handling course. 

Once everyone had their safety training, they joined us on site to complete the cabling of the HBA (High Band Antenna) trenches and cable grave. Below I have images from this amazing week on site, and also some star gazing the team carried out.


Team observing Jupiter.


LOFAR ladies wheeling down HBA cables to the I-LOFAR site.


Cables in the HBA trenches


Completed HBA cable grave


HBA cables entering ILT container.


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